Dream homes often begin at the beach, than you add the pool next to the beach and that is exactly how Sandra & Don built their dream home. This 4,500 square foot single story home is the perfect home to retire to. This concrete cast home with a domed roof is

a beautiful engineering feat that is both graceful and cool, between the sea breeze, the pool and the concrete walls this home was designed to help you beat the heat. 

This 3 bath, 3 bedroom home includes an outdoor kitchen as well which makes entertaining guests by the pool all the more enjoyable. The 2,000 cubic foot pool is complete with state of the art ozone filtration ensuring that opening your eyes underwater is fun and enjoyable without the sting or maintenance of chlorine. The 1,800 square foot work sho and garage provides all that extra space needed when living afar from any urban settings. Our financed price of $1.4 million will move you into paradise today. 

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