Las Brisas Del Mar properties translates into english as where the sea breeze meets the land and that is exactly our purpose. 

Founded in 2009, Las Brisas Del Mar manages, develops and builds property along the oceans edge. If you are looking to invest in coastal property either in Panama or in Southern California. We will help you find the lifestyle and property that fits you.   

If you are ready to step closer to the Pacific Ocean, Las Brisas Del Mar is located just South of the Costa Rican Border in a duty free zone. You will find Panama Time to be a pleasant and joyful experience as your life comes in tune with the ocean tides.    

After learning the ins and outs of beach development near our home in Sunset Beach. We took our experience to Costa Rica, before buying land in Panama. 

We will be completing our first title transfer in Panama this year and with a tried and tested team in place we are now ready to 

invite you to our little peace of paradise.


Properties for sale come with the option of owner financing and financing to build options with a local crew of seasoned workers building under the close guidance of a seasoned foreman. 

We will be more than happy to help you design and build your dream home on the Pacific Ocean. The best way to learn more is to schedule a trip and visit us in person.