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Donald Dupuy was raised in Southern California and has built and developed over 100 homes though out his lifetime. His newest development project he chose a beautiful piece of beach property located just south of Puerto Armuelles, Panama.  

Together with his partner of over 35 years Sandra Wells they built their dream home on the Pacific Coast, steps away from the beach. No stranger to construction, Don has built a local team to construct a home cast in concrete and foam, providing strength during winter storms and cool air during the summer heat. 

Don has built his own little piece of paradise and he invites you to join him. 


Sandra Wells born in Chicago and raised in Southern California. In her previous lives as a competitive downhill skier during the early 50's and a therapist throughout the 80's & 90's. Sandra has kept herself active during retirement by traveling between her home in Sunset Beach, California and her dream home in Puerto Armuelles, Panama, located just across the Costa Rican boarder on the Pacific Side of Central America.

Sandra has helped to develop and build her dream home in Puerto Armuelles, now it is time to build her dream community located a stones throw from the International Port of Panama City the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. If you have always dreamed of a life at the beach, Sandra is living your dream and she is happy to show you how.  you can be living the Beach Dream too.    


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